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Step into the chaotic and colorful world of Gotham's favorite anti-hero with our Harley Quinn Collection at CosplayLab. From her origins as Dr. Harleen Quinzel to her evolution as a beloved DC character, our collection captures the essence of Harley's journey through a variety of high-quality costumes and accessories.

The Story of Harley Quinn

Harley Quinn, originally Dr. Harleen Frances Quinzel, began her career as a promising psychiatrist at Arkham Asylum. Her life took a dramatic turn when she encountered the Joker, falling madly in love with the Clown Prince of Crime. This obsession led her to adopt the persona of Harley Quinn, becoming the Joker's sidekick and partner in crime.Over time, Harley's character has evolved significantly. She's broken free from the Joker's influence, becoming an independent anti-hero and occasional member of the Suicide Squad. Her journey has seen her form close bonds with other DC characters, most notably Poison Ivy, with whom she shares a deep friendship and romantic relationship.

Featured Costumes

  1. Birds Of Prey Harley Quinn Cosplay Costume
    • Price: $315.69
    • Includes: Vest, Pants, Suspender, Necklace, Tattoo Pastes
    • Materials: Satin, Polyester, Cotton Blend
    • Perfect for: Comic conventions, Halloween parties, cosplay events
    • Features: Delicate workmanship, accurate sizing, comfortable fit
    This costume captures Harley's look from the "Birds of Prey" film, showcasing her evolution into an independent character. The vibrant colors and unique style make it perfect for standing out at any event.
  2. Suicide Squad Harley Quinn Red Outfit Cosplay Costume
    • Includes: Jacket, Top, Skirt, Socks, Ear Clips
    • Materials: Artificial Leather, Polyester
    • Ideal for: Halloween celebrations, themed parties, photo shoots
    • Features: Striking red design, high-quality materials, attention to detail
    Based on Harley's appearance in "Suicide Squad," this costume embodies her bold and rebellious spirit. It's a great choice for those who want to channel Harley's more daring side.
  3. DC Comics Suicide Squad Harley Quinn Hoodie
    • Material: Fleece, Polyester
    • Perfect for: Casual cosplay, everyday wear, fan meetups
    • Features: Comfortable, versatile, authentic design
    This hoodie offers a more subtle way to show your love for Harley Quinn. It's perfect for casual events or as part of a larger costume ensemble.

Characters Connected to Harley Quinn

  • The Joker: Harley's former lover and partner in crime, their toxic relationship has been a central part of her story.
  • Poison Ivy: Harley's best friend and romantic interest, Ivy has been a positive influence in Harley's life.
  • Batman: The Dark Knight often finds himself at odds with Harley, though their relationship is complex.
  • The Suicide Squad: Including characters like Deadshot and Captain Boomerang, the Squad has become an important part of Harley's adventures.

Our Harley Quinn Collection allows you to embody this complex and captivating character in all her iterations. Whether you're attending a comic convention, planning for Halloween, or just want to channel your inner anti-hero, CosplayLab has the perfect Harley Quinn costume for you. Shop now and bring a touch of Gotham's chaos to your wardrobe!