Albert de Morcerf (version 1) Cosplay

Albert de Morcerf (version 1) of Gankutsuou | Count of Monte Cristo

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Albert de Morcerf (version 1) Cosplay

Category: Anime

Completed: 100%

Cost: $ US85

Hours to Make: 10-20

First worn at: Ohayocon 2005, January 15

Inspiration: This was for a group cosplay of four/five. See my costume "The Count (Edmond Dantès)" for more information. Albert's costume was probably the least well-done of our four and it suffered some damage before the con, so it was remade for Anime Central 2005. Then our Albert ran off to see a concert and was lost most of the day, so we missed our photos! So this is all I have to show for it.

Favorite Aspect: Oh, these patterns. Oh, it hurts to look at this. But the crosshatching really works.

I really love the way these cuffs turned out.

Least Favorite Aspect: You just can't buy fabric with that stairstep-checked pattern. We looked. So there's a loose overlay of an iridescent netting cut to the correct shape to make that filter effect.



Judge's Choice at Ohayocon 2005
Best Masters Hall Cosplay at YoumaCon 2006

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