Yuuko of XXXHolic
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Category: Manga

Completed: 100%

Cost: $ US 275

Hours to Make: 10-20

First worn at: Ushicon 2004

Inspiration: I just love Clamp's new manga, and Yuuko is a vey funny character. I'm so glad I had a Li and Sakura to run around with. =D It isn't totally 100% finished but I've worn it twice already so I figured I would move it to the completed section. Still need to do the back applique, head banners and a few other details just cus. ^^ Group pic taken by Eurobeat King

Favorite Aspect: It's the biggest project I've ever done, and I like the the way it turned out.

Least Favorite Aspect: Pattern drafting, it just makes me think harder than I want too. XD math buu~

Easiest Task: The wig =D It was Commissioned with Katie Bair (www.katiebair.com)

Hardest Task: The Applique was pretty tough. XD It seemed to take the longest.