Yunalesca of Final Fantasy X
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Completed: 100%

Cost: $ US more youd

First worn at: Otakon 2002

Inspiration: Im obsessed with FFX and thought Yunalesca was so pretty! I mentioned someone should do her and then thought, oh what the hell, and decided to make her myself!

Favorite Aspect: I didnt have to overheat like I usually do waiting for the cosplay to start! I also love the thong and plan to wear it under my clothing everyday. Yes. I do.

Hardest Task: Keeping the head peice on, it was WAY heavy, and keeping the leg band up since I had to wear dance tights under it for the Ota staff to let me on stage >^_^*<



2nd Place Masters Craftsmanship at Otakon 2002
Best Masters Presentation at Otakon 2002