Yuna (for Mina)

Yuna (for Mina) of Final Fantasy X


Completed: 100%

Cost: $ US 30less actually

Hours to Make: 48

First worn at: NA

Inspiration: More often than not, my best friend plays the main female in our groups and her personality is much like Yuna's, so she was the perfect candidate!

Favorite Aspect: Mina IS Yuna! Aside from the length of her hair, which was short when we first decided to do a group, she really looks like her! And oh yeah, our friend who makes multiple props for us made her wand, which I'd hafta say is the best one I've ever seen. ^_^ It's so awesome! The top screws off!!! Hehehehe

Hardest Task: Ugh...painting! I had to paint a part of the skirt and then wait for it to dry because I was afraid I'd stick my elbow or some body part into the wet paint!! Oh, and every time that we have to put the costume on her?! OMG! It's such a pain sometimes cuz I keep forgetting how to tye the obi!! >_< (It's seriously tied the correct way!!)