Yukio Oikawa

Yukio Oikawa of Digimon
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Completed: 100%

Cost: $ US 25

Hours to Make: ?

First worn at: Sakura-Con 2002

Inspiration: Inspiration? Yukio himself! I love him! He's so great! I mean, sure he's not the most attractive, but his character more than makes up for that. By the way, this picture originated at Fansview.com

Favorite Aspect: The trenchcoat! It's so awesome, and I can wear it out! And I think I did a nice job on the Datirimon doll, too. *hugs Datirimon*

Least Favorite Aspect: The zombie makeup *see below*

Easiest Task: Finding the shirt and tie. The tie is my dad's, and the shirt I got for fifty cents at a yard sale.

Hardest Task: The zombie makeup! Yukio has that 'fresh-from-the-grave' sort of look to him, so I had to wear pale makeup all slathered on, and it kept smearing...Not to mention that my hair is too dark to dye black, but too light to pass as black... Also, have you ever tried to find a purple trenchcoat? It's possible, but not easy, I can tell you that... Oh, and making the Datirimon doll was hard too.