Yasumi Con 2003

Yasumi Con 2003

For its first year hosting an anime convention, no one expected over 1,000 anime fans from all over the state to flood the halls. They printed 500 con guides expecting there to be leftovers, but quickly found their stockpiles dwindling 30 minutes after registration opened - not surprising when you consider that the entire event was free and hosted at Florida's International University. We had a great time and are looking forward to next year's program.

In Japanese, Yasumi means to take a break, or vacation, so Yasumi Con was an apt name with only a few weeks left until school starts again. It was nice to relax and not be rushed around like larger cons with many events. Anything Goes Anime, the folks running Yasumi Con, kept everything ( 'cept the game room ) in one area and focused on many cultural aspects of Japan. The other nice thing is that everything was on one day. They might need a larger venue next year, but I don't think more days are necessary.

The event schedule included a Japanese cultural orientation, a sushi workshop with free samples, an Aikido demonstration, anime trivia games, AMV contest and much more. Cosplay Lab sponsored the Cosplay and Costume contests where dozens of fans cheered for their favorites. AGA selected 3 categories and the winners for each contest, and we provided the certificates and 1-year upgraded memberships for each of the winners.

Cosplay Contest Winners

Bryan as Tamahome - Best of Show Cosplay Skit Award
Christina St.Lawrence as Paine - Most Creative Cosplay Skit
Bath towel Youji - Most Comical Cosplay Skit

Costume Contest Winners

Carla Bernal as Milly from Trigun - Best of Show Award
Diane Melville as Rikku - Judge's Award
Paola Glait from Inu Yasha - Judge's Award

Final Thoughts

There were a great number of excellent costumes and I think additional categories are needed for winning entries - particularly for the younger cosplayers. In the future, contestants should be reminded to pose for at least 10 seconds in the center of the stage to allow people time to take photos. Both contests were well done and judging only took about 10 minutes as it happened while the cosplayers were on stage. It was great seeing all of you there!

Check out these costume photos

hall cosplay photos
cosplay contest ph