Xelloss of Slayers
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Category: Anime

Completed: 100%

Cost: $ US 20

Hours to Make: 10-20

First worn at: S.F. Cherry Blossom Festival 2001 and 2002

Inspiration: I AM Xelloss-the-female-human-girl. I just AM. I have an eerily similar personality, talk very similarly, and for god's sakes when I smile my eyes turn into little half-circles. Plus at the time I had bangs and hair between my chin and shoulder. Sure I was the wrong gender, but Xel's technically neither guy nor girl so who's to say I crossplayed? ^____^ This is the most recent incarnation: the 2002 Parade version. It has the second of two ponchos, the third staff, and the third brooch.

Costume Parts: Yellow turtleneck, black slacks, sash with detachable flaps, boots, ankle tie, sash bag with concealed tape player that loops the Xelloss background music, cape, capelet, brooch closure, gloves, staff, color hairspray

Favorite Aspect: Being Xel-ko! W0000t! Seriously it was so much fun, like letting out the other side of me. ^_^ I love being Xelloss for a day. Plus there is a very magical property of the capelet/poncho that I made: Magical Boob-Concealing! Yep, this baby can completely conceal my "assets" without the need for binding, which is nice since binding is too painful an option for me. (The downsides of being rather busty...)

Least Favorite Aspect: XD I found out the hard way that spraying blonde hair purple will instead turn it neon pink. It took a LOT of both purple and black spray to get my hair approximating the right color, and even then it was pretty iffy. The staff was seriously ghetto and made of PVC pipe, newspaper, a foam ball, paint, duct tape, and brown mailing paper. That's right. Mailing paper.

Easiest Task: Finding the pants and shirt. Pants in my closet, shirt bought for 5 bucks from a friend. And my brooch was quite easy. Card stock, aluminum foil, and some circles cut from red mylar, taped to a kilt pin. Woohoo!

Hardest Task: @_@ the stupid poncho thingy. That was seriously ghetto, even though it took forever. (Seriously, it was made of felt and hot glue and acrylic paint. No kidding.) And getting my hair the right color. Another thing that was surprisingly hard was the sash-flaps (you know, those little pieces of cloth that come out from the sash around my waist). It took me almost an hour to figure out how to tie the sash properly with a minimum of safety pins and still look authentic Xelloss.


Fifth Prize at 2002 San Francisco Anime Costume Parade