Tidus of Final Fantasy X
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Category: Video Game

Completed: 100%

Cost: $ US 30-50

Hours to Make: 10-20

First worn at: Sakura Con 2003

Inspiration: I loved FFX from the first time that I saw the opening sequence to "Another World" and the blitzball game. That was when I knew that I wanted one of the costumes and I ended up making a Tidus one!

Favorite Aspect: The armguard turned out extremely well and quite accurate!!

Least Favorite Aspect: The bulkyness of the costume all over, especially the heavier leg. It also cut into my leg the first time I wore it. >_<

Easiest Task: The peach shirt, necklace, gloves, and the over shirt minus the arm stuff. I managed to complete 50% of it without much difficulty.

Hardest Task: Weaving the one pant leg, not hard but time consuming. It was also a pain in the but to make the shorts zip off at the legs, but then have it so they really didn't zip off!

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