Tai Kamiya / Yagami Taichi

Tai Kamiya / Yagami Taichi of Digimon
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Category: Anime

Completed: 100%

Hours to Make: 35+

First worn at: AFO3

Inspiration: I adore Tai; I see a lot of myself in him. He's so adorable, too. He just has a great character design and.. aww, heck, I love the little guy!

By the by, collage made possible by luv-luv.net and risingsun.net!


Favorite Aspect: His shirt and goggles. I sewed the designs on the shirt myself. I had to force needles through really thick fabric and my fingers have never been the same. x_X

Even though the goggles are cute, they look quite cheap. I want to redo them sometime soon.


Least Favorite Aspect: I had to tie my hair up in about a dozen rubber bands to give it a kind of.. er.. "poofy" look since my hair is so long and I couldn't spike it up. I mean, they were easy to put in, but it really hurt to take them out. Rubber bands = EVIL.

Easiest Task: Sewing the headband. Definitely.

Hardest Task: Manufacturing the goggles. They were my Grampa's work goggles and I had to clean them, cut the extra rubber stuff off, get them spray painted silver, and use electric tape for the black band. It was a real mess. Despite that, it STILL came out looking horrible.

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