Strong Bad

Strong Bad of Homestar Runner


Completed: 100%

Cost: $ US 110-

Hours to Make: 10

First worn at: Halloween, 2002

Inspiration: Well, I was originally going to do Homestar Runner himself for Halloween, but someone at the Ursinus house I hang out at a lot suggested I do Strong Bad instead. So I did, whether she was joking or not. For good AND for awesome.

Favorite Aspect: The relative ease of getting the parts together was great, for the most part. And it involved shirtlessness, which I am not opposed to.

Hardest Task: The mask. Oh what I went through for this thing. I couldn't even see out through the eyes very well, mostly just silhouettes and a whole lotta green (hence my declining the trick or treating option despite being equipped for it. Lots of sewing, some of it sloppy because I was dead tired while doing it.

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