star sprite: ROME

star sprite: ROMEO of rainbow brite
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Category: Fantasy

Completed: 100%

Hours to Make: < 5

First worn at: dragoncon 2004

Inspiration: i love that they are releasing new rainbow brite dolls without having some lame updated look.....and i really wanted a nice cozy costume that i could wear late at night at con and not have to be all thin & tall for.....

Easiest Task: the cute little star headbands, i found the perfect velvet covered spring headbands at a party store in just the right colors, so all i had to do was switch out the balls for the stars....

Hardest Task: making the fur body, and getting pink and red striped tights, the ones i bought were really pale pink, so i kept trying to dye them down a little.....i was only partially successful, but it'll have to do