Sorceress Edea

Sorceress Edea of Final Fantasy 8
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Category: Video Game

Completed: 100%

Cost: $ US $100.00

Hours to Make: 200 +

First worn at: Anime expo 2003

Inspiration: I fell in love with Edea the instant I saw her on the cover of my boyfriends FF8 game. There was just something about her that I identified with. It's a little strange. She is just so beautiful, and elegant but at the same time very "dark".

Favorite Aspect: Hmmm, not just one. I like pretty much EVERY acspect of this costume.

Least Favorite Aspect: I like the giant "fan thing" on her back, but I have yet to see it cosplayed descently. Hence why i didn't bother with it. besides, it would be a pain to have to walk aroung with that thing on....having to constantly worry about it coming off, or poking someones eye.

Easiest Task: the dress....mostly be cause my mother made it. be it only took her like a day and a half.

Hardest Task: I like the vines/veins on the sides of her face, but they are kind of a pain to do. I usually end up over straining my eyes to see the far sides of my face (close to my ear).