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Sora (Halloween Town) of Kingdom Hearts

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Completed: 100%

Cost: $ US 60

Hours to Make: 80-100

First worn at: Akon 2003

Inspiration: The hours are just a guess. I lost track of the time spent. This costume was great fun to make and wear. First, a few construction notes, for anyone who want to know how I did something. This costume went over -extremely- well at the con.

Made with simplicity pattern 5857. The tips of the fingers were lengthened by about 1.5 inches, and made into points. Then, sew the gloves as normal, but leave about 1.5 cm on the end of the fingers unsewn. Now, turn the gloves outside in, and pull out the unsewn tips. glue the two halves together, and then trim to the correctly proportioned points. pants
Made with McCall's pattern 2360, which was cut off, and darted at the bottom to create the puffed out look. To help the pants really hold their shape well, I made miniature petticoats, one for each thigh.

Made with Mcall's pattern 3441, modificationa had to be made to the collar (to lengthen it) the sides (to trim them down so that it opened properly, and the back, to make it into a point. The wing peices were cut out of pleather, and sewn on

Made with Simplicity pattern 5589, the back was made of spandex, so that I could make it a bit small, and it would stay close to my body. Then the middle was folded back, and a black panel put in, which was sewn on one side, velcroed on the other. The last step was hammering in eyelets for the lacing to go through.

Originally made from map board, which was cut to the shape, sculpey then put on for a 3D look, the sculpey baked, the mapboard thecut in half (with sculpey on both sides of it, now it is in 2 perfectly fitting peices) which was then glued to pleather peices. I don't recommend this for Hall cosplay, As all the people running into me caused my wings to break. ; _ ; It should be fine for stage, and I am going to try to figure out a new way of doing it, with some materials that are sturdier, and some that are more flexible.

PVC pipe for the main shaft, foam board reinforced with pins and paper mache for the bat blade, pumpklin keychain, and hand guard, map board and paper clay for the crowing peice, plaster strips for the skull and the bulked bottom of the hilt, hardware for the chain attach, -plastic- chain (most cons will NOT allow you to use metal chain. Save yourself the grif and go plastic.) To get the rightt dark silver, It was first painted entierly silver, then lightly dusted over with black spray paint.

gel put in the hair, dried, and then brushed out to make the strands stiffer, hair cement by In the Zone put in, and blowdried, spike by spike, and reapplied as nessicary. After that, 4 light dustings with hairspray (soak your hair and the cememnt will reliquify and the spike may fall before drying) The style stayed in all day, and got lots of comments!

Future plans for this costume would be remaking the wings in a more hallway-suitable manner, maybe redoing the bat part of the keyblade in something that doesn't cause me to fret constantly about the possiblity of breaking (which is did, when I got smacked into. wauugh! It got jury rigged together with more pins, and duct tape, though) I would also like to make a wig for this, as I would have axcess to the back for styling it, and could blacken the tips. Future, future! I'll keep everyone updated!

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Favorite Aspect: I love those quirky little wings of his

Least Favorite Aspect: That stupid mask thing. I just don't like the look of it. It looks so randomly placed on Sora's costume. Ahh well.

Easiest Task: The wings, actually. I've had a lot of past experience making wings, so this was just a varient on a theme.

Hardest Task: Making those clawed gloves! I had to try it three times! But I love them now. Yesss.



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