Siam Cosplay

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Siam Cosplay

Category: Video Game

Completed: 100%

Cost: $ US300+

Hours to Make: 20-40

First worn at: ACen 2008

Inspiration: Daguru and I both saw the awesome new SH monster and wanted to cosplay it. Then one day, when posting on a forum, we met up and decided we should do it together since we were both so excited about it. Its a REALLY intricate costume, but the more insane the more fun!

Favorite Aspect: I'm in love with my Ballet Stilleto Heels.

Least Favorite Aspect: Its freakin pain full and once I get the strapped to Daguru's back and put my arms through the mask, I'm completely venerable. I can't move anything but my legs.

Easiest Task: Buying the shoes on EBay. Literally the day after our first fitting, when we ducktaped our heads together, I got online and they were up for auction. 15 minutes left. They were my size and being sold by a independent. I got them for 61$ when normally like are $120+

Hardest Task: Having to size the main garmet to fit us. We literally had to strap in EVERY time which takes about 15 minutes. Then we had to find a table to lean on so I could stay comfy on his back for as long as it took things to be measured out. We probably did this 6 times. It didn't help that I only got to go visit him for 2 weekends before ACen.


Walkon Runner-Up at ACen 2008