Seras Victoria

Seras Victoria of Hellsing
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Completed: 100%

Cost: $ US 100 gun and outfit

Hours to Make: 55

First worn at: Ohayocon 2003

Inspiration: I actualy LOVE Seras in and of herself, all girlish and aquard and makin it on her own! Shes fabulous, cute, spunky, and anti-freaking with extreme prejudice.

Favorite Aspect: Well, could have been the Anti Freak Cannon (affectionately named Harkko-Chan), The effort and screaming on the gun part was worth it! I LOVE the gun *mmm* I also love the Ammo Case, it belonged to my father when he was in Tank Training for the Marines! Its a great purse, and getting to carry around a blood bag of vegetable juice and libations (my serving of veggies and cosplay prop all in one!)

Least Favorite Aspect: none!! Well, we watched Dune while we built it, in homage to the actual Baron Harkonnen, and if thats the spirit of the gun...Im terrified! We've actualy got a plush Baron Harkonnen to accompany the gun..Aww...go wild with that trigger!

Easiest Task: The skirt. That took all of 5 minutes. Despite the fact that it rides right up under my butt, it still looks too long. I suppose its because the waistband actualy sits on my waist!

Hardest Task: Creating the stock for the gun, that was a total pain in the ass but everything worked out the first time and we wont have to keep redoing it, the photo up top is before its paintjob was fully finished...