Sephiroth of Final Fantasy 7
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Category: Video Game

Completed: 100%

Cost: $ US700+

Hours to Make: 200 +

First worn at: AWA X

Inspiration: Sephiroth, what dosent inspire someone to attempt this man? I have many reasons, Most of which sound somewhat fangirlish in nature. Ever since I first saw Sephiroth, Before I knew of the community of cosplay, I wanted to make this costume! And not just make it... Make it PERFECTLY. From the sole of his boots, to the stray strands of hair.

Favorite Aspect: My favorite aspect deals with a little "Addition" I put in the costume. I wired speakers into my shoulder pauldrons, and I played "One Winged Angel" from the speakers. At first people would just think they were hearing the theme in their head since they related the theme to Sephiroth, but then they would ask "Is that coming from you???" and I would smirk and say Yes.

Least Favorite Aspect: Leather... Hot... Heat... Evil... Evil... SEPHIROTH! That and I dont have a 6 ft 5 in sword.. since I dont want to trip/kill people at the con, but still want a big Masamune I shrunk it down to 5 ft with a 1 ft handle.. making the overall blade length a smaller, but still menacing 4 ft Also, after learning how long it took to get into costume I rarely wanted to wear it (1 hour to get in costume). Although I made everything out of very sturdy materieals, and secured the joints with industrial strength products, the pauldrons would CONSTANTLY fall apart, also they would rip the speaker wires out, so on average, before each time I wore the costume it took 1 1/2 hour to REPAIR the costume, bringing up my total "Getting into costume" time up to a whopping 2 1/2 hours.

Easiest Task: The pants and my boots... They require little to no alteration making it nice and easy and hassle free (Lord knows Ive had enough hassle with things going wrong with this costume)

Hardest Task: By FAR the armour, I would rather make 7 jackets then make that armour again, But now that I know how to make it, I could probobally make a set in about 1 month instead of the 2 1/2 it took me to make this. Also It takes me about an hour to get into this costume.. Difficult all around. And of course repairing the costume after each wearing to get it ready for the next... not fun.

Most Important task for this costume.. Appease the cosplay Gods with CONSTANT blood sacrifices... otherwise things will go HORRIABLY HORRIABLY wrong..

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