Seiichirou Tatsumi [yukata - vol. 11]

Seiichirou Tatsumi [yukata - vol. 11] of Yami no Matsuei

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Category: Manga

Completed: 100%

Cost: $ US15

Hours to Make: 5-10

First worn at: Boston Cosplay Picnic II

Inspiration: Me: ...Wow, Tatsumi looks _nice_ in Nagare's yukata... Me: Hmm....what's a good excuse to make this outfit? Forums: Boston Cosplay Picnic II! Me: There we go!

Favorite Aspect: The painting turned out beautifully. And the whole thing just looks _nice_, and didn't destroy my soul like some of the stuff I've tried.

Least Favorite Aspect: The fit, because unfortunately I'm not built like a 30-year-old Japanese man.

Easiest Task: The obi was incredibly easy to sew. The kimono itself isn't actually that bad either.

Hardest Task: Um. Tying the obi, which we never actually quite figured out.