Sakura [Prologue]

Sakura [Prologue] of Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicle

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Category: Manga

Completed: 100%

Cost: $ US90

Hours to Make: 60-80

First worn at: Nan Desu Kan 2004

Inspiration: I love this manga. I wanted the wings. I could not figure out how to properly mount wings onto my existing Clow Country Sakura costume, but the Prologue version of Princess Sakura had everything I would need. By design necessity, they're more of an amalgamation of Tsubasa and Clover wings. This project ate at me for months, and I'm so pleased with the outcome.

Favorite Aspect: Only the help of my dear friends made this project possible. They strapped me into the wings in the Masquerade Greenroom (while I stood motionless and unable to assist them) and did a remarkable job. I received so many compliments I couldn't help but blush, but none of that would have been possible at all if not for help from my Yuuko-san and Syaoran. Thanks, guys. #^_^#

Least Favorite Aspect: Terrified, terrified of smacking people in the face. ;_;

Easiest Task: I did all the hand-beading while watching episodes of Smallville. Geek!

Hardest Task: I'm not terribly handy with power tools, so using a drill with precision was a bit nerve-wracking for me. ^_^