Sailor Lun

Sailor Luna of Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon
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Category: Anime

Completed: 100%

Cost: $ US50

Hours to Make: < 5

First worn at: Project A-Kon 15

Inspiration: The inspiration was basically that the character of Sailor Luna completely matches the personality of Niki. When Niki saw the costume she begged me to make it for her. My wonderfully talented Niece sent me materials to make the costume (so the total cost is a guess-timate).

Favorite Aspect: The fluffy skirt. I added some bells to the skirt so she'll jingle jangle as she walks. She also has tap shoes under the boot covers so she will click clack. She will click clack and jingle jangle wherever she walks. A costume for more than one sense!!!

Least Favorite Aspect: I like all of it! I made the body suit a little tight, so when I made her a port hole for potty emergencies, it doesn't snap shut completely... and of course she has to show me in front of everybody. I will probably make her some pretty bloomers before the con.

Easiest Task: It wasn't that difficult... so it was all pretty easy.

Hardest Task: Probably dealing with the pink fur. My niece had purple fur for the ears, and she said she coughed up a hairball or two when she sewed it.


Junior Award at A-Kon 15 - 2004

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