Rosiel (Rociel), Lord of Heaven uniform

Rosiel (Rociel), Lord of Heaven uniform of Angel Sanctuary
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Category: Manga

Completed: 100%

Cost: $ US 300

Hours to Make: 100-150

First worn at: A-kon 2003

Inspiration: I've always loved this particular Rosiel outfit, as it has more details than the simple black Atziluth uniform he wears at the beginning of the manga, a real status symbol proving that Rosiel finally climbed his way back up the food chain as Lord of Heaven, Sevothart finally out of his way.
Since Katan has been drooling about the infamous "frilly vinyl garter belts" that are part of this costume, I knew I had to make it. Well, I also found the perfect purple vinyl on sale at $3 a yard at my local fabric store. (As a side note, OAV colors were used for this costume, since it's obviously not black as the thigh-highs are black and the uniform shaded gray, and it looked like a more elaborate version of the OAV uniform.) To accessorize (and since I needed a weapon for the battle-heavy skit that was planned) I made a banner with the "Black Sword", the emblem of Rosiel's personal army.

Favorite Aspect: Lucifer's soul hanging from Rosiel's garter. While it never ended up sitting right for pictures, it was still lovely, and is an exact replica of the one in the manga. I should take a more recent photo of it, the one listed was an in-progress image.
I also love the fact that it is correct down to the smallest details of the medal and the rank insignia, the ear-rings, beaded wings, and shirt and vinyl tie under the trench. I brought reference to the craftsmanship judge and was incredibly happy when she mentioned that I looked exactly like the picture.

Least Favorite Aspect: How my wig ended up a big matted mess due to being stuck in my feathers and the fact that I must have sweated out a half dozen pounds wearing three layers of fully-lined vinyl. And a shirt and tie. In Texas. In SUMMER.
Also, I have to admit, it's sad that the details of the costume (like the beading on the sleeves and belt) do not show in pictures. Maybe I should get a few close-ups.

Easiest Task: Repairing Rosiel's wings. I have a lot of practice.

Hardest Task: Cutting and hand-sewing all the crosses on the bottom of the costume. That took days on end.



Best of Show at A-kon 14 (2003)