Riku (Organization XIII) v.2 Cospla

Riku (Organization XIII) v.2 of Kingdom Hearts II

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Category: Video Game

Completed: 100%

Cost: $ US240

Hours to Make: 100-150

First worn at: Anime Expo, Anime Overdose 06

Inspiration: I decided to remake this costume because my first jacket was very inaccurate. I finally found some reference pictures this round.

Favorite Aspect: I love my Aqua Max contacts! No color altering was done on the photo!!! Too bad they're only going to last me three months due to the expiration.. I also liked the soft ultra leather suede material I found for the jacket! And the chain beads aren't bad.

Least Favorite Aspect: I couldn't find the perfect zipper, the lining was a nightmare because it was my first time, and the back of the wig kept getting messed up from the hood

Easiest Task: Boots, pants, gloves - had these already.

Hardest Task: Making the pattern for the jacket from scratch was the second hardest thing.. I had cut up a jacket I owned, and pretty much modified everything. Lining the jacket was the worst, but I can deal because it's expensive and silky. Styling the back of the wig was more tedious than hard. It took between 3 and 5 hours per restyle.

Purchased, cut, styled. Re-did it after each wear for a total of 8 times. Used Beyond the Zone Hair Cement for the first time, and near the end of its' life, glue. I've found that glue holds best.

Bought $40/yd leather suede, cut up previous Riku jacket for pattern (Ahahah). Worked butt off on it, including at a day of Anime Expo. This stuff is pretty thick, so I killed two sewing machines of a friend, and ended up having to handsew parts. *loves my strong, oldschool Kenmore*

Used some chain from a hardware store, bought keychains to attach them, made all beads out of sculpy, cut in some grooves, baked and spray-painted. Attached with silver-sprayed grommets and a grommet puncher.
For the zipper, I got it at a custom length from an online retailer. (Looking at Zippersource.com right now for a new one..)

Had these from my Squall costume, which I will someday wear again. They're all leather. Found second-hand at thrift stores and Ross.

I finally found some great thin, stretchy, seethrough black polyester blend at Jo-Ann's, and I just cut (very carefully) a strip of this.

Printed a picture of Oblivion at an enlarged size for accuracy. Made of Plexiglass, coated with black enamel, painted with acrylics, coated with clear enamel. Black chain is metal - highly do not recommend, makes it heavy and off balance.


First Place Riku Look-alike Contest at CosplayLab