Rei Ayanami in school uniform

Rei Ayanami in school uniform of Neon Genesis Evangelion
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Category: Anime

Completed: 100%

Cost: $ Real~120

Hours to Make: 200 +

First worn at: Animecon 2001

Inspiration: My first costume, I chose Rei ‘cuz I love Evangelion and Rei is the Eva’s symbol and my favorite character (together with Kula Diamond). She’s untouchable, insensitive (or apparently), beautiful and charismatic!And I’m a nice Ayanami Rei, I think so!=D

Favorite Aspect: The dress, the sailor’s collar and my wig.I like this school uniform and, also, I needed a simple cosplay to start...I think that I did the right choice, this is one of my favorites because it’s very convincing and as special as Rei.

Least Favorite Aspect: Currently, nothing. I dislike my first wig, however, I bought a new, it’s OK! ^^b

Easiest Task: This is a simple costume, basically... first one... *none*...^^”

Hardest Task: I had many problems! XD The shoes (to find the appropriate model) and the wig!^^”