Rainbow Brite

 Rainbow Brite of Rainbow Brite
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Category: Fantasy

Completed: 100%

Cost: $ US 150

Hours to Make: 80-100

First worn at: DragonCon 2002

Inspiration: I ADORE Rainbow Brite and I thought to myself...what costume could be more fun?? Plus I hadn't seen any Rainbow Brites before.

Favorite Aspect: Being RAINBOW BRITE !!! (I just wish it wasn't so hot)

Least Favorite Aspect: IT'S SOOOOO Horribly HOTT!!!!!!

Easiest Task: nothing...this was a B*!#H to make !!

Hardest Task: Stuffing the sleeves so that they were full, but not so full that I couldn't put my arms down. Also, getting the side pony tail on the wig to be a true side ponytail...and not be so heavy that it pulled the wig off my head. I think the way it turned out is great.



Hall Costume Contest at DragonCon 2002