Princess Leia

Princess Leia of Star Wars: A New Hope
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Category: Sci-Fi

Completed: 100%

Hours to Make: < 5

First worn at: Halloween 2004, Celebration III, MidSouthCon 05

Inspiration: Leia has been my favourite character since I was a little girl. I made a really horrible last minute Leia for the Episode II premiere, so I always wanted to do a good one day.

Favorite Aspect: My belt! I'm so proud of it! Made the whole thing from scratch - cut and dyed the leather, made the pieces from sheet metal and riveted them on :D

Least Favorite Aspect: The fabric is a bit thick for it... but I still like it.

Easiest Task: The boots... I bought them on ebay and painted them. Pretty easy.

Hardest Task: Nothing really - slightly annoying, I made the dress of a different material with a different pattern and didn't like it. So I scrapped that and remade it...