Prince Marth *Version 1*

Prince Marth *Version 1* of Super Smash Bros Melee / Fire Emblem
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Category: Video Game

Completed: 100%

Hours to Make: 150-200

First worn at: ReccaCon Spring 2004

Inspiration: Marth has a really nice character design, his past is somewhat sad, but along that he is very strong. He has great speed and excellent skills with a sword. and to top it all off, hes ROYALTY.

photo by kyle *thanks!*

Favorite Aspect: the design, i really like the whole design of the costume. and the detail, i <3 detail.

Least Favorite Aspect: there are alot of things that i dont like, thats why its version 1.

Easiest Task: dont know of any. even spraying my hair blue took awhile.

Hardest Task: this has to be the most detailed outfit ive ever done!! alot of things, pretty much all of it. Hand embroydering most of the designs was a pain. So much work went into this costume.


1st Place at Recca Con Spring 04