Phillip Pirrip aka Pip

Phillip Pirrip aka Pip of South Park
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Category: Anime

Completed: 100%

Cost: $ US20

Hours to Make: 20-40

First worn at: Anime EXpo 2004

Inspiration: Yuzuko's awesome MEGAKIDS southpark fansite x.x and at anyrate, Pip is teh cutest... i wuv him.

Favorite Aspect: The blazer, bowtie, and cap are denim.. It's so durable! I can get beatup a hundred times and it'll still be good as new XD but the cap.. definately my fav part.. and my KICK ME sign kinda tops it off.

Least Favorite Aspect: I kind of got the colors wrong since I went off of the japanese fanart. Later when I re-watched episodes i downloaded, even with reaaaalllyy bad quality I could tell that I hadn't gotten the colors right.. >.< oh well! It's still cute.

Easiest Task: the bow tie.. >__>

Hardest Task: I had to redo the cap several times because I kept getting the size wrong.. I had to account for my head, the wig, and enough slack to make it look too big for me.. I was lucky i got it the size i did!! and the cap was all hand-sewn!!! OUCH!