Past Con Reports & Pics

Past Convention Reports and Picture Galleries
These are most of the conventions we've had the opportunity to attend. There are tons of cosplayer photos, cosplay skit videos, con reports, and extra goodies found within, so pop some popcorn and stay a while.

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2007 Anime Conventions
Anime Festival Orlando 2007

Costume contest
Cosplay contest
Friday Candid Cosplay Photos
Saturday Cosplay Studio Photos
Saturday Candid Cosplay Photos
Sunday Cosplay Studio Photos
Sunday Candid Cosplay Photos
Otakon 2007

Friday Cosplay Photos
Saturday Cosplay Photos
Sunday Cosplay Photos
Fanime 2007

Con Report
Judges Interview
Cosplayer Interview
Anime North 2007

Studio shots
Monterrey, Mexico

Con report
Costume Contest Prejudging
Costume Contest
Saturday Cosplay Candids
Naruto Look-alikes
Saturday Iron Cosplay
Sunday Cosplay Candids
Sunday Iron Cosplay
Megacon 2007

Costume Contest
Cosplay Studio Photos
2006 Anime Conventions
Free Comic book Day

Saturday Photos
Anime Festival Orlando 2006

Convention report
Costume contest
JACON 2006

Convention report
Cosplay Contest
Megacon 2006

Costume Contest
2005 Anime Conventions
Anime Festival Orlando 2005

Convention report
Costume contest
Cosplay contest
Anime Expo 2005

Friday Photos
Saturday Photos
JACON 2005

Convention report
Costume contest
Megacon 2005

Anime Costume Contest
Iron Cosplay
2004 Anime Conventions
Yasumicon 2004    
Though there are no photos, we do have the official list of winners from the contests Cosplay Lab sponsored. Bad Hurricane! Bad.

Anime Festival Orlando 2004    
Anime Gaijin returns to the anime scene with the fifth iteration of this annual event. Bigger facility, Iron Cosplay, and a whole lot more photos.

METROCON 2004    
Final Fantasy Ball, Human Chess Match, Cosplay and Costume Contests - what more could you want at an anime convention? METROCON continues to try new things and grows because of it. DoomCon? Nah.

Anime Expo 2004

Range Murata Tribute / Last Exile photoshoot
Friday Cosplay photos
Saturday Masquerade Contest photos
JACON 2004    
We went back to UCF, this time with a new camera lens and an aim to take more pictures than ever before. I think we suceeded, but we're not done yet. See all the fun that went on - especially Iron Cosplay.

Shaman King Photo Shoot    
Florida Shaman King cosplayers gathered north of Orlando recently for a great photo shoot. It was perfect weather for shamans and their spirits and families to reunite, have food, and later browse the aisles of Florida Oriental Trading where we were promptly revitalized with Pocky and Ramune.

FITCON 2004    
This small college con is growing in popularity. An expansive dealer room was also available as well as new games and programs for attendees. Some great photo ops abounded.

Anime Express 2004    
Pictures are available here. We had great weather and a great time relaxing. The cosplay room could have been smaller I think. Other than that, it rocked.

Megacon 2004    
Anime Sushi rules the roost at Megacon and every year just keeps getting more popular. As a judge for this year's cosplay costume contest, I can say the competition was tough.

2003 Anime Conventions
JACO Halloween 2003    
90 photos of costuming Halloweeners are yours for the viewing. As is tradition, Cosplay Lab provided Booger Fingers for snacks. The photos could be better, but you know how it is.

Anime Festival Orlando 2003    
Anime Festival Orlando is still the de facto choice for fans seeking the largest dealer selection and most attended event focusing on anime and Japanese culture. Hundreds of costumers flocked to central Florida to get in on the action.

Yasumicon 2003    
Nestled in the heart of the International University in South Miami, Yasumicon had a fantastic turnout from anime fans across the state.

Metrocon 2003    
A great event for their first major event, this Tampa convention has more than just anime. The widely successful Anime Idol contest added flare to another cool anime con. Check it out.

JACON 2003    
Cosplay Lab hosts its first panel at this year's JACON. We announced new features and played Lab trivia and gave out free upgrades. Next time, we promise to have our costumes done in time. Wait a minute, didn't we say that last year? I even managed to take a few pictures - and I mean a few.

Anime Express 2003    
One of the longest running anime conventions in Florida is still busting loose at the seams. The dealer room and video game room were bustling and the cosplay contest had the most people ever. Anime Express proves yet again you can have fun at a small con without breaking the bank.

MegaCon 2003    
What do you get when you blend together a few thousand anime, sci-fi, and comic fans, with several hundred US National Cheerleaders? A very strange photo session. We've spared you the details to provide you with strictly cosplay.

2002 Anime Conventions
JACO Halloween Party 2002    
You know anime is becoming more popular as great crowds show up to these events. We had loads of fun taking pictures and participating in the cosplay event held at UCF.

Anime Weekend Atlanta 2002    
Hundreds of costumes were on display during the largest anime convention in Georgia. Over 130 images await your perusal as you gawk at the characters portrayed. See how the level of costuming has been raised by those that attended AWA 8.

Anime Festival Orlando 2002    
Anime was the focus of this year's AFO hosted at the fancy Renaissance hotel in Kissimmee, Florida. Over 1,000 people came to experience anime in all of its glory. Florida's largest dealer room boasted the largest selection to hungry fans. Anime, Pocky, and Manga - oh my!

JACON 2002    
After the music has faded and the costumes have been put away, everyone who attended this year anime convention won't soon forget the fun they had. There were just over 100 entries for the costume contest and a battery of cosplayers that took to the stage to strut their stuff. Oh the fun we time we'll be sure to finish our costumes in time *mental note*.

Anime Express 2002    
The biggest east-coast anime convention in Florida keeps getting bigger and better. Though organized by a loose-knit bunch of students in Daytona Beach, this year's Anime Express was a hit with the costuming crowd. Goodly amount of shows and dealers, tons of costumes and Steve Bennett and his posse providing entertainment.

MegaCon 2002    
Hundreds, upon hundreds of people poured into the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando to witness the biggest Anime event in Florida. Sci-fi, anime, manga, and video games were fueled by fans donning their best costumes. Only a room the size of a football field would have made the cosplay contest more enjoyable.

FITCon 2002    
This is the original Chibi-con. If you don't like crowds, this is the anime con for you. Just a few dozen people gathered for some fun.

2001 Anime Conventions
FL Cosplay Photo Shoot 2001    
What do ya get when you cross a dozen cosplayers, some cameras, and an oriental garden setting? Take a look, and find out!

JACO Halloween Party 2001    
When the folks at JACO put on a party, you're in for a trick; er I mean treat ^_^'. If you were daring enough to taste one of our booger-fingers read on.

Anime Weekend Atlanta 2001    
The biggest event of the season drawing hundreds of fans from around the country, AWA7 was bigger and better than ever.

Anime Festival Orlando 2001    
Early in its infancy, this anime con exploded with new and seasoned costumers. Check out the special Kero-chan corner with a cosplayer spotlight!

JACON 2001    
Another big turnout for this year's JACON anime convention. Take a look at some wacky costumes and even wackier skits. Iron Mouse, Tenchi, and Sakuya entertained fans with Sailor Tenchi Captor for an award.

Anime Express 2001    
Hosted right on campus in Daytona Beach, AE4 brought people together in the round. An encore presentation of our Sovereign of Silence skit won an award. ^_^

 MegaCon 2001    
Our first anime con ever. Prof.Tomoe and Sailor Saturn in their costume debut. See what fun we had!