Paine (Warrior)

Paine (Warrior) of Final Fantasy X-2

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Category: Video Game

Completed: 100%

Cost: $ US 54

Hours to Make: @_@

First worn at: Anime Evolution 03

Inspiration: Well, Mina suggested doing these costumes and I wasn't sure who I was going to be. Originally I thought of doing Le Blanc. She sent me pics of Paine and I thought she was so different than any other costume I've personally done. ^_^ Update 3/01/04: Recently fiinished the red belt, cross, and the skull belt buckle. Will get new pics soon.

Favorite Aspect: Studs and Punkiness :D I particularly like the shorts, and I don't know why...

Least Favorite Aspect: The necklace freaking broke after wearing it twice. DO NOT GET THE PAINE NECKLACE WITH THE CORDING!! It's pretty, but rips very easily.

Easiest Task: Everything so far, but especially the suspenders (because originally I was going to make them from vinyl x_x), the boots, and the tube top (which probably won't be seen).

Hardest Task: Figuring out the shorts and finding the right kind of foam for the sword. Finding the suspenders - I checked 6 different stores and when I had finally given up, I asked Mina to go look right as we were leaving Walmart...and she found them. *_*