Padme Naberrie/Amidala (Wedding Dress-Concept)

Episode II
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Category: Sci-Fi

Completed: 100%

Hours to Make: < 5

First worn at: Dragoncon 2004

Inspiration: I loved the unused concept drawings of Padme's wedding dress from Episode II - I combined pieces of some of them to create this "never-was" Padme Wedding dress.

Favorite Aspect: The sleeves, veils and train - it was fun running back and forth between tubs of dye getting them all gradiated! I don't have a good shot of the train up here but there are some better ones on my site.

Least Favorite Aspect: I didn't get to finish it.. the wig, crown, necklace and pieces of the top I had to do last minute and not how I wanted (wanted to do the crown and necklace in sheet metal, the wig isn't styled exactly how I wanted it, and I had to paint the front instead of using wire as I wanted to) ... I don't know if I'll ever get to actually doing that stuff.

Easiest Task: Making the base dress.

Hardest Task: Sewing the horizontal stripes on the corset, making the fan, figuring out how to make the back-things. (which aren't wings, they're just there to keep the silhouette of the sleeves from one of the design drawings.)