Nana O Cosplay

Nana O of Nana by Ai Yazawa

Category: Manga

Completed: 100%

Hours to Make: 40-60

First worn at: Ikkicon 1

Favorite Aspect: My five head. Nana has a huuuuge forhead, so I applied makeup (....and soap....) to my hairline to cover it up, and wore the wig way high. Then proceeded to spend the rest of the morning running around, rocking out the chemo look. The fivehead actually may be the part of the costume that gave me the most satisfaction.

Least Favorite Aspect: I actually have more piercings in my ears than Nana (5 in each) but they weren't all in the right place! An earring was super glued to my left earlobe between two of my real piercings, and another was glued waaaay high up on my cartilage. Unfortunately, the chain caused a lot of irritation on the cartilage piercing, so I had to switch to hanging it off my highest piercing, which is much lower than I wanted (annnnd what got photographed here) Trying to superglue something to the back of your ear at 5 in the morning is NOT FUN. And according to my friends, not intelligent. Ffft, what do they know?

Easiest Task: Buying the Armor Orb ring off eBay for 6 bucks (hur hur hur)

Hardest Task: The reeeeeesearch. I was bound and determined to give Nana more respect than a closet cosplay, or even just a close proximity cosplay. Instead I had to obsessively track down all the original Vivienne Westwood items that Ai Yazawa used in the designs (Or items that are off in color but from the same run) and incorporate those referances into the costume. Westwood's been in the fasion business for nearly 40 years, and a lot of her early work wasn't documented until much much later, tracking down old items and trying to reconstruct a history. I got most of it though!

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