Myotismon of Digimon
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Category: Anime

Completed: 100%

Cost: $ US100

Hours to Make: 80-100

First worn at: UnCommonCon 2000 - Dallas, TX

Inspiration: Myotismon is my favorite Digimon and one of my most favorite anime characters. Not only that, but he is my favorite vampire character ever. I was never much of a vampire fan growing up. I thought they were really over-rated(actually I still think that. I go for werewolves. ~^) But Myotismon is more than just a typical vampire. His attacks such as Grisly Wing and Nightmare Claw and his ability to wield a red energy whip provide him with much more interesting things to do than just sucking blood and turning into a bat. Plus there is his ability to turn into the demons VenomMyotismon and MaloMyotismon. Besides Myotismon’s magnificent powers, I also like his presence and personality. He’s very commanding and gets automatic respect from the other evil digimon. And then there’s just the fact that I find him very sexy from his deep voice to his unusual appearance. I adore pointed ears, fangs and odd skin tones.

Favorite Aspect: How the mask and standing collar came out. So much of this costume was a new experience for me when I made it. It was when I first really got to see how helpful craft foam and fabric glues could be.

Least Favorite Aspect: Eventhough I love how the large standing collar looks, I hated figuring out how to make it. I had to design a wire frame with an elastic harness that strapped over my back and chest beneath my jacket. I also hated having to apply the blue make up on my neck. I had to make sure that the make-up covered evenly all the way around, behind my ears and everything so that it would appear that I truly did have blue skin. It made the make-up removal a long tedious process since I had to use two mirrors to check the back of my head to make sure I'd cleaned off all the blue.

Easiest Task: Finding the fabric. I really lucked out on this costume. I was able to find nearly all of the fabric in the bargin bins at JoAnns. Saved a ton of money and time.

Hardest Task: Finding the hardwear for his belts! I was never able to find clasps and sliders of the right size so I had to fake them. I used gold foil tissue sandwiched between 2 layers of clear vinyl and gold eyelets to make the pieces I needed.



Best Technical Craftsmanship at A-kon 12 - Dallas, TX
Judges Special Award at A-kon 12 - Dallas, TX
Grand Prize - Hall Costume Contest at A-kon 12 - Dallas, TX
3rd Place at UnCommonCon 2000 - Dallas, TX