Misa and Rem Cosplay

Misa and Rem of Death Note

Category: Manga

Completed: 100%

Cost: $ US150

Hours to Make: 200 +

First worn at: Dragoncon 2006

Inspiration: I love Death Note (well, the first part at least) and my favorite character is definitely Rem. However, I had to face the fact that I look nothing like her and really no one else does either. That's when the idea sparked that since I do look like Misa, I could be her and work out some kind of Rem prop. Yes, she is attached to my back and actually its not that heavy.

Favorite Aspect: I guess the fact that the harness actually works! I owe a lot to Yaya for explaining to me how to do a proper wing harness.

Least Favorite Aspect: I work so hard on Rem that I forget to do these tiny little details that will make Misa more accurate!

Easiest Task: ...buying the shoes and stockings? Almost everything else was made by me, or at least modified ;p

Hardest Task: The fact that it's never quite done; I'm always adding complexity to Rem or fixing things up, or detailing different parts. And for some reason the neck has given me a lot of problems.



Most Popular Woman at Dragoncon Hall Contest 2006
Best in Show at Dragoncon Anime Contest 2006
2nd Place Look A Like at Cosplay Lab Death Note Contest