Two words that describe this year's METROCON - "Cozy Musicals". If you attended, you would definitely understand why. One of the nice things about this particular con is that is has an intimate feeling, unlike other more 'corporate' conventions. Though METRO had the usual corporate sponsors like ADV Films, which donated excellent awards for the various contests, being in a single building helped keep the traffic under control, although at times there was too much traffic. Thus the COZY part of METRO's description. Regardless, it still felt like a family reunion.



Special guests included voice actors, directors, and artists : Greg Ayres, Luci Christian, Katie Bair, Robert and Emily DeJesus, Vic Mignogna, Monica Rial, Don Rush, Doug Smith, and David Williams. During various panels, these guests enlightened audiences about the ins and outs of production for animated features. Q & A was followed by trivia questions with more great prizes including limited edition DVD boxsets.


A recurring theme during the Saturday night Cosplay Contest was musical skits. It's been a while since people got up on stage to sing songs during cosplay. It's a dangerous combination when you mix singing with voice acting judges with a gong, so the results were very predictable. Unfortunately, several skits fell victim a judge's desire to Bang a Gong. Each could have avoided catastrophe had they shortened their music program. In any case, the cosplay event was enjoyable. Take a look at these photos.


Artist's Alley and the dealer room were constantly jammed packed with buyers.


Another theme was Schoolgirls vs. Catgirls. Or was it Catgirls vs. Schoolgirls? Either way, you know you're in for some good cat fights when you see them take the stage during the Human Anime Chess match. Over 40 people were involved in the preparation and presentation of this unique event. Having seen all but a couple of series represented helped decipher many of the inside jokes. It was kind of like a regular crossover skit on steroids, but in the end it was quite enjoyable.


Our visit to METROCON concluded with the Anime Idol contest where fans take the stage and perform their favorite Japanese song. It's somewhere in between lip sync and karaoke, but every bit performance. The only real issue with this event was the lighting which seemed to change of its own will. You'll note some of ill effects in a few of the photos. Tthis is one of the events that makes METROCON special and we want to see more in the future.


Contest Winners
We'd like to hotlink the names of Lab members listed below to their profile page, so if you can help us, that'd be great! Tell us their name as it appears here and include the link to either their profile or their costume. Thanks!
Anime Idol
- J-Pop Award: Neko Kirei performing “”Shabondama,” originally by Morning Musume
- J-Rock Award: Hideko and Asuka performing “Pink Spider,” originally by Hide
- Fan Favorite: Kyo and Japanese Zombie Heroes performing “Cage,” originally by Dir en Grey
- The Greg & Luci Award: Mitylene, LadySaiyuki, and Koharu performing “Aitsu (The Opening Theme From SuperGALS!),” originally by Hikaru Nanase
Cosplay Contest (i.e. The One With the Gong)
- Judges' Award: Amilcar and Rasma/ Raijin and Fujin, FINAL FANTASY VIII
- Best Presentation: Jade Fang, LadySaiyuki, TwitchyLizard, Jove GALAXY ANGEL
- Best Drama: Joe and Dottie/ Left and Right, PONG
- Best Comedy: Curtiss Sturgill and Paul Geddes/ Scorpion and Sub Zero, MORTAL KOMBAT
- Fan Favorite: Chris Garrett and Clinton/ Mario, Luigi and Wario, DONKEY KONG (This was our Master Roshi and Goku winners from last year.)
Costume Contest
- Best Group: Erik Johnson, Melissa Hogan, Cassie Lynch, Amanda Leo, Alina Nalivayko, Megan Hogan, Carla Bernal as Naruto, Kakshi, Gai Sensei, Rock Lee, Sakura, Shizune, Tsunde from NARUTO.
- Best Tech: Jennifer and Rick Everhart as Shampoo and Mousse from RANMA ½
- Best of Show: Kim Dellner as Myoubi from ALCHINO
- Judges' Award: Jessica Ramsey, Katie Rempe, Corg Herdan, Becky Adams as Yuki, Kozi, Mana and Klaha of Malice Mizer
- Best Prop: Shiloh Grant as Kamatari from KENSHIN
- Best Original School Girl: Heather Howard
- Best Original Cat Girl: Ally Rexrode
- Best Individual: Teresa Speidel as Kozi of Malice Mizer
- Junior Winner: Melanie Poston as Sailor Moon