Lulu (for Me & S-chan)

Lulu (for Me & S-chan) of Final Fantasy X


Category: Video Game

Completed: 100%

Cost: $ US 65

Hours to Make: 80-100

First worn at: My neighborhood and Sakura Con 2005 ;_;

Inspiration: Again, the group thing. Before deeply playing 10, I liked Tidus. Once I started playing it, I fell in love with Lulu but my Tidus costume was done by then. I told S-chan she HAD to be Lulu and she's her fave char! (AND I can wear it...mwahaa...) NOTE: Unforunately, after spending four loong months on this it wasn't worn until a year after its completion and wouldn't have been worn another year had I not worn it at SC 05 >_<

Favorite Aspect: Hmm...I can wear it. XD And S-chan has the perfect hair length, etc. and everything! XD

Least Favorite Aspect: I did the lace on the sleeves and learned how to do it better by the time that I got the train. If I could, I'd redo it, but it looks fine.

Easiest Task: @_@ Nothing?! I mean...putting the fur on, the necklaces and the earrings (which are the same as my Pluto ones).

Hardest Task: The belts! UGH!!!! And the boning/lace around the train. Gah damn it...wish I had one of those handheld machines!!