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Link Cosplay

Category: Video Game

Completed: 100%

Hours to Make: 200 +

First worn at: Animagic 04

Inspiration: Link. Hes my favorite and will always be. The Legend of Zelda is my favorite series, and Ive loved every game. When I first saw the trailer for the new gamecube game, back in march i never blinked.."OMG! he has chainmail!!" and he looked more alive than ever. Link finally gets battle gear. I had to make it.

I spend so many hours studying the artwork and screenshots to get every single detail, all the way down to the stitchmarks. and so much hand work was involved. The hand embroidery on the pouches, and the details on the boots, and tunic ..all over. this thing is loaded! Everything was made to match.

Photos by my dad at , and CosplayTW.

Favorite Aspect: I <3 it!! this is by far my master peice!! and im so proud of it. Ive started the costume in march, and got it finished just in time for my debute. I chose neutral colors to make it look more "natural" than using a "christmas green" I worked so hard and spend most of my day at the con working on it getting it finished intime to get it debuted on stage in the masquerade at Animagic. The chainmail took the longest and was completely a time consuming task. No other link costume took me this long to make. The ears, i enjoyed making them^^. I remade my sheild myself and I'm really proud of how the new version came out.

Easiest Task: Everything is new for this costume so nothing was easy. All parts were made by us.

Hardest Task: HAHA it took me 6 months to make this costume! The chainmail took the longest tho, but it wasnt really hard to make, just very time consuming...and lot and lots of pain ;.; but really the whole thing, if you are a newbie, do not attempt this!! So much hard work, hard hand work went into this costume. Im not going to give details on how we made this, since there was way too much involved x_X.



Best of Show Overall at Animagic 2004
Most Beautiful at WonderCon 2006
2nd Place at GenCon 2004