Kurosaki Ichigo (Hollow) Cosplay

Kurosaki Ichigo (Hollow) of Bleach

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Kurosaki Ichigo (Hollow) Cosplay

Category: Anime

Completed: 100%

Cost: $ US400

Hours to Make: 10-20

First worn at: Katsucon 2006

Inspiration: I have an obsession for masks and contacts (which are also $300 of that $400 cost >_<). I couldn't help myself but make Hollow Ichigo, because I also loooove the insanity of him and Ichigo, too. Also, I thought it'd be a good Halloween costume.

Favorite Aspect: My contacts and mask! I love how my mask came out, I even made pieces of mask that clipped into my wig to make it look like it was forming around my head but I don't wear them anymore because I have no idea where I put them D=. And my contacts scare the shit out of people. And my coat flares. Wire ftw.

Least Favorite Aspect: Waraji, they fell apart. So I made new ones from twine. It was a lot more fun making it rather than buying a super expensive pair that falls apart after breathing on it. Also, I think the scars from sports tape are not going away because of how often I wore those, lolz. No worries, I actually have a turtleneck now that I put the sports tape on <_<. Also, my bankai sword is sorta a bokkan an sorta made of PHAIL. Buuut my friend, John made me a better one that is my size <3.

Easiest Task: My mask, I love making them and it's very easy for me to construct them. The whole costume really, I didn't have any difficulty.

Hardest Task: Figuring out a way for the mask to stay to my face. My first attachment system sucked ass. My second is really secure, but it's a lot harder to take it off. My third one makes it easy to clip on and off (was for a chess match) but the wire leaves deep grooves in my head. I can't get around injuring myself somehow in this costume XD.



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