Kite of .Hack games


Category: Video Game

Completed: 100%

Hours to Make: 200 +

First worn at: Harvest Party

Inspiration: I LOVE .Hack!!! Kite is so AWESOME!!! This is probably as finished as this will get for now. I started on the backpack but ran out of time and I didn't have time to finish the gloves either but I may one of these days. And possibly make boots as well. I'm not sure if you can tell because of my dark skin and hair but I did dye my hair blue and painted the triangles on my face. This costume was a totall blast to run around in! I had so much fun in it. My friend was dressed up as Goku from DBZ and his hair is litteraly long enough to have it straight up like Goku's, so basically he and I were the only anime characters at the party. I've not been to a anime con yet but I plan to one of these days. XD

Favorite Aspect: The pants, blades and hat and EAR FLAPS!!!! XD Pretty much every thing I totally love this costume!! It's my first actuall anime costume and it's totally awesome!

Least Favorite Aspect: The fact that I was kind of afraid of loosing the ends of my blades.

Easiest Task: The blades were probably the easiest because they only took like a day and they look to cool!!

Hardest Task: Making the paterns on the pants! 0_o First I had to draw 7 views of the pants, then draw out the paterns then supersize them, after that I had to trace the paterns onto wonder under fused fabric then I had to cut them out and then appy them to the pants. OYI!!!

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