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Kairi of Kingdom Hearts

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Kairi Cosplay

Category: Video Game

Completed: 100%

Cost: $ US90

Hours to Make: 10-20

First worn at: Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party 2005

Inspiration: I have loved this character since I first saw her, and I want to have her costume, too!

**Thanks to Janet (Hime no Toki here on the Lab) for styling my wig and to Roy for making me the resin paopu!!

My Wonderful Sora in the photos is Preston (PokePres here)!!! He is so awesome!!

Favorite Aspect: All the little details are here. I attacked the reference image with a magnifier (okay, the Zoom in my compy) and saw that the button has 2 holed, the belt had 3 notches (the third one in is the right size), the seams were purple, and the shoes had black adjusting thingers on it. So I incorporated ALL of that in my costume!!

Least Favorite Aspect: The blue armband did not like to stay up, drove me crazy! We even spirit gummed it and it came off!!! XP

Easiest Task: The accessories. Painting the bracelets, making the armbands, chokers, etc. The shirts come in second. I completely modded two tanks (including cutting a shelf bra out of the white one and remaking the straps). Yes, I sewed the hem in purple and hand- sewed the purple onto the side seams. HER SEAMS ARE PURPLE, DARNIT!!

Hardest Task: Making the skirts. All the curves, pinniing it while wearing it so that it lays flat...sheesh, took me a whole bloomin' day. I had a ruler and the reference image and did it totally to proportion. THEN I took it to school and hand- beaded all the flowers onto it, instead of using puff paint. I wanted to be different.