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Our spirits cry for the motivation to live what we believe.

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aim and yahoo: BelldandyX7

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Favorite Anime: Ah! Megami-sama, Fate/Stay Night, Victorian Romance Emma, Rose of Versailles, Record of Lodoss War, DNAngel, Slayers, etc...

Favorite Video games: Castlevania (anything including Alucard and/or Maria), Soul Calibur, Shadow of the Colossus, Guitar Hero (strangely addicting)..

Favorite Movies: Ladyhawke, The Last Unicorn, Kate & Leopold, Pride & Prejudice, Van Helsing, Sleeping Beauty

Favorite other stuff: puppies, snowflakes, winter, Starburst Jellybeans, costuming, art, archery, swimming, reading, movie/game soundtracks, Halloween, Christmas lights, and lots of other stuff ^_~


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