Iwakura Lain (Opening Credits Outfit)

Iwakura Lain (Opening Credits Outfit) of Serial Experiments: Lain
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Category: Anime

Completed: 100%

Cost: $ US 65

Hours to Make: 20-40

First worn at: FanimeCon 2003

Inspiration: I've been watching Lain for awhile, and I'm finally getting around to doing the outfit. Most people do the Bear Pyjamas, so rather than be just another bear!Lain, I thought I'd go for the opening credits outfit.

Favorite Aspect: Several things.. The hat is just awesome. The wonderful guy from FansView commented that he doesn't see many Lains, mostly because of the hat.... But the hat was the easiest (tho most time-consuming) part! And two guys offered to buy it off me ^^. I also like the wig (even though it itched me to death). Several of my close friends thought that I had actually cut and dyed my hair (hell, it's something I'd do.). I also love how accurate it is. I don't have the body type or resemblance to Lain, but I did my best to get every single tiny detail just right. This involved making -everything- from scratch (except the turtleneck and boots). I even went to the trouble to hand-sew the hat. O.o

Least Favorite Aspect: I don't like the way the dark bits at the top of the hat turned out. They look more like a square pasted on top, rather than dagger-like spikey things..

Easiest Task: The turtleneck was just sitting at the Salvation Army, waiting for me to buy it.

Hardest Task: Wearing it. A wool turtleneck, flannel jacket, wig over loong hair, and flannel hat are no fun in a crowded June con. Wigs get real itchy, real fast.. Oh, and the fact that the boots were two sizes too small...

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