Hinoto of X
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Completed: 100%

Cost: $ US 200

Hours to Make: 35

First worn at: Otakon 2001

Inspiration: A dream costume since I first read the manga, it came together when I was asked to join a skit.

Favorite Aspect: overall turn-out of the project

Least Favorite Aspect: the risk of being stepped on constantly

Hardest Task: making all of the button-holes on the sleeves O_O

I had two weeks to make this costume so I made some rational quick decisions. Inspired by the illustration of her Tarot Card, I created a universal Hinoto outfit for the stage. My friend Cat helped me lay out the 22 yards of material and serge the main seams together (literally a two-person job). I made two layers for the kimono as well as the obi, elaborate sleeves, the 8 hand-painted sashes, jewelry, and custom wig. I applied the make-up using a small mirror on site.


Best of Show at Otakon 2001
Best Portrayal of character at Otakon 2001

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