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Prescriptions (5 topics)

I have 20/20 vision, why do I need a prescription for no-power contacts?

As of November 9, 2005, the FDA considers all contact lenses –including non-corrective, “just for looks” contacts– to be medical devices that must be sold only with the involvement of an Eye Care Professional. That means a valid contact lens prescription is required as proof. ‘Prescription’ refers to the paper that the doctor issues after completing an exam and making a diagnosis. It tells us that you’ve been measured for contact lenses and received instruction in lens usage and care.

How do I get a prescription?

Make an appointment with your local optometrist for a contact lens fitting, not only an eye exam. Check your insurance plan or talk to your friends who wear contacts to find a good doctor. When you sit for your exam, ask your doctor about wearing cosmetic or theatrical lenses with 8.6 base curve and 14 or 14.5mm diameter so he/she can do appropriate testing and make any additional notes about your needs. Freshlook Colors brand (8.6 bc, 14.5mm diameter) is a decent stand-in for test purposes of the lenses shown on our Cosmic and Idol Eyes pages. If you want sclera lenses, tell your doctor so testing can be done to determine what size your eyes can tolerate. The more information your doctor can include on your prescription, the easier the ordering process will be when you want to buy contacts. You may have to return to the clinic one week later for evaluation before the doctor will issue a final prescription.

How do I send you my prescription?

You or your doctor may fax to us at (866) 268-2546, or you can e-mail a scan/photo of it to us. Please keep file size under 1 MB. We’ll send you an invoice after checking your prescription. If you don’t get an invoice within 24 hours of submitting your order, please e-mail us. No invoice = no progress on your order. We keep prescriptions on file until they expire so they don’t need to be resent for re-orders while they’re still valid. If you can’t find your prescription, tell us your doctor’s name and fax number, and we’ll ask for it on your behalf. It must be a fax number because we have to submit a form.

Should I send my glasses prescription?

No. Prescriptions marked “eyeglasses” or “spectacles” aren’t the same as those for contacts and can’t be used here. Contact lens prescriptions show the results of physical measurements of your eyeballs and corneas, not only whether you can see clearly.

My prescription is dated 2006. Should I send it to you?

No. Prescriptions expire after 1 or 2 years depending on your clinic and patient history. Expired prescriptions are invalid for purchases so schedule an appointment for a fitting and use the time to talk to your doctor about cosmetic and theatrical contacts.

Ordering and Payment (6 topics)

How old must I be to place an order?

You need to be 18 years or older.

How do I order?

Browse our catalog pages and click the design(s) you want. Designs with corrective powers have menus to select the degree of correction you want. When you’re ready, select a shipping method from the menu. Continue to the order form and fill all the fields with name, shipping address, and so forth. Please use the same address as the one that will appear on your method of payment to guard against fraud. Click ‘submit’ to send the form and receive an order number.
Cosmic and Idol Eyes lenses, both plano and powered/corrective, are in-stock items that can ship quickly after payment is complete.
Orders for Immortal Eyes require 3-4 weeks for manufacturing and shipping because each pair is hand painted.
Occasionally, some powers or colors can be temporarily sold out. Near Halloween is when this is more likely to happen, but in any case, we'd inform you so you could decide what to do.

How do I pay for my order?

We’ve separated our ordering and payment procedures to accommodate the prescription rule and to allow for order adjustments (typo in address, change quantity, etc.). We use PayPal's system to issue an invoice after we receive your valid contact lens prescription. Please check all the info on your invoice for accuracy. You can then choose to pay with credit card, eCheck, or PayPal transfer according to the invoice/web site instructions. If you choose eCheck, please allow one week for the check to clear before we can ship your order (a bad choice if you're in a hurry). If the payment link doesn’t work, notify us. PayPal membership is optional. If you don't have one, you can still pay with credit card through their system. If you do have a PayPal account that you like to use, enter that e-mail address on your order form so we can send the invoice to the most convenient place for you.

Why didn’t I get an invoice?

We didn’t receive your prescription, your e-mail address contained a typo, or our message to you got caught by a filter. The invoice does contain two links so please check your spam box or put us on your safe list to make sure it gets through. Write to us if your order seems stalled.

What do I do when I receive my order?

When your lenses arrive, you must inspect them as carefully as possible *prior* to opening the vials. (You can usually see them through the bottom of the vials.) Check for things like wrong color or design, discoloration, deformed shape, and cuts or tears. If you notice anything unusual, keep the vials sealed, and immediately contact us to explain the problem. We’ll work to resolve the issue. Keeping the vials sealed is very important because once they've been opened, it's harder to say whether the problem was pre-existing or user inflicted.
If no issue is apparent, open the vials and try your lenses. Wash your hands, and pour the lens into your palm or into a clean contact lens case instead of trying to "dig" it out of the vial which can damage the lens. See "How long will these lenses last?" for more info.

Can I get just a single lens instead of a pair?

Sometimes. Please write to us about it.

Shipping (3 topics)

Do you ship to other countries besides the US?

Yes, but please write to ask about your country.

What are the shipping options?

All services include a handling charge and tracking which we send to you. The first 3 options are strictly domestic. Only the 4th option serves international customers. Hawaii and Alaska may incur higher rates. See “How long will it take to get my order?” for more details.
Standard ($8) is First Class Mail, and we ask everyone to allow one week. PO Box ok.
UPS 2nd Day Air ($30) applies only to in-stock items and is a guaranteed service. No PO Box.
Express Mail ($25) applies only to in-stock items and isn’t a guaranteed service, but it does have overnight capability to some areas. PO Box ok.
International Postal ($45) is insured Global Express Mail which takes 3 to 5 days in transit but an unpredictable amount of time in customs. Please allow 7 to 10 days total.

How long will it take to get my order?

All Idol Eyes and Cosmic Eyes styles (plano and powered) are in-stock items that can ship the next business day (Monday-Friday) after payment is completed. Allow one extra week for eChecks to clear before we can ship. For Standard service, please allow one week from the time you finish payment for your lenses to arrive. Orders completed on Thursday or Friday with 2nd Day Air (UPS) will not arrive until the following week. Because of the prescription rule, we cannot offer true overnight or rush services.
Occasionally, some powers or colors can be temporarily sold out. Near Halloween is when this is more likely to happen, but in any case, we'd inform you so you could decide what to do.
Orders for Immortal Eyes require 3-4 weeks for manufacturing and shipping because each pair is hand painted. Expedited shipping will *not* shorten the manufacturing time which cannot be rushed. It will only move your package faster once the lenses are complete.

Types of Lenses (9 topics)

Are these lenses FDA approved?

Yes, all lenses we sell have FDA approval.

Do you make these lenses?

No, we’re not a manufacturer. We depend on a US-based supplier for all products, and we don’t have control over the designs that get produced. However, we do take suggestions to pass to our supplier. Popular requests have a chance of being added to the lineup.

Can everyone wear these contacts?

No. “One size fits all” doesn’t exist. This is why a professional fitting is necessary. Some people need sizes that we don’t have, and others cannot wear any type of contacts at all. Also, the minimum age for buying here is 18 years.

Do these lenses come in corrective/powered versions? What about toric?

We don’t have any ‘plus’ powers, only minus. We cannot fill toric or other specialized needs because our supplier carries only spherical lenses. If you have mild astigmatism, ask your doctor about calculating a “spherical equivalent” for you. Some people can use this temporary measure, but only your own doctor can calculate it correctly.
Most Cosmic and some Idol Eyes are stocked in powers up to -6.00 with a base curve of 8.6. These are indicated by a purple text link or by an * next to their names.
Most Immortal Eyes designs can be made in a range of powers up to -10.00 in base curve 9.0. Be aware that some designs/colors don't take well to some corrective lenses, and we'd notify you if our supplier informs us that something won't work.

Can you make custom lenses based on pictures I give you?

No. Our supplier stopped their “design your own” service so we don’t offer it anymore. However, we do take suggestions and forward them so that popular requests get a chance at being added to the lineup.

How are cosmetic lenses different from regular contacts?

They’re designed to have the appearance of normal eyes in several colors to give you a new look without the shocking effect of the unusual theatrical lenses. Each style on our Cosmic Eyes page can either cover or enhance the color of your own eyes, and they work on dark eyes, too. These are in-stock lenses. Be aware that the brightness of color on any lens can be a result of your computer monitor which recreates images using light and can impart a "glowing" quality which doesn't really exist in the actual product.

The Color Max series is the most opaque, offering the brightest colors among the different types on our Cosmic Eyes page. They're very popular with cosplayers because their bold appearance shows well in photos. They also have a fairly large pupil opening so that they don't interfere with normal vision. Corrective powers up to -6.00.
The Venus line uses a patterning similar to the Color Max, but the colors are less saturated for a more realistic effect. Many users appreciate their balance of obvious change with everyday practicality. Corrective powers up to -6.00.
The Impressions collection uses a stippled patterning of semi-opaque color that integrates spaces where your natural color can blend for a realistic effect. Corrective powers up to -6.00.
The American Venus series is the latest design and the only option with 8.7 base curve. Similar to "circle lenses," they tend to make your pupils look larger, and they have a unique, brown limbal ring that's not as harsh as the black ones. Plano only.
The Bella series is semi-translucent and uses an array of dual-colored dots for a blended yet striking effect. Their printed area is close to the same size as most natural pupils. Plano only.

How are theatrical lenses different from regular ones?

Theatrical lenses that disguise your eyes come in two ways: machine printed or hand painted. The contacts shown on our Idol Eyes page are authentic, Gothika brand products which are machine printed with opaque dyes for consistent color, design, and quality. The contacts shown on our Immortal Eyes page are individually painted with special pigments. Some styles can be translucent while the majority are opaque. Because of the dyes, painted lenses tend to be thicker. Be aware that the brightness of color on any lens can be a result of your computer monitor which recreates images using light and can cause a "glowing" effect which doesn't really exist in the actual product. Unless otherwise noted, each style has a small, clear area in the center so that you can see. The area doesn't change size in response to light like your own pupils do so the lenses can affect your vision with what is described as a "haze" or "tunnel vision" depending on the lighting situation.

How are sclera lenses different from regular ones?

Regular contact lenses cover only the colored part of your eye, the iris, but scleral lenses are much larger and also cover the white part of your eye, the sclera. For this reason, we urge you to see your optometrist for a proper fitting before you order scleral contact lenses. Your unique eyes may not be suited to wearing this type of lens which is 18 to 22mm in diameter.
Because they’re bigger than regular lenses, scleral contacts can be difficult to insert. Be prepared to practice. Abundant lubrication (eyedrops made for contact lenses) is also recommended.
Limit wear time to a maximum of 4 or 5 hours, and use contact-safe eyedrops often.
Scleral lenses may also diminish your vision more than regular theatrical contacts because in addition to having a fixed, small pupil, the large diameter of the lenses themselves prevents them from having the same range of motion as your eyeballs. This vision hindrance compounds the effects of the "haze" (also present in other theatrical lenses) which varies from slight to extreme depending on the amount of available light. Avoid wearing them in low light situations, or exercise extreme caution if you must enter a dim area.

Does ‘NO VISION’ really mean that I can’t see?

Yes. Any design that covers the pupil will block your ability to see. Anyone wearing blind or 'no vision' contacts should exercise extreme caution to prevent accidents or injury: being accompanied by a sighted friend at all times, exploring the photo shoot location beforehand, carrying hand sanitizer with lens solution & storage case for on-the-spot lens removal, avoiding fast-moving or risky activities.

Usage (6 topics)

I wear corrective lenses to see properly, but the design I want here is plano/zero only. Can I wear them over my own contacts?

Eye care professionals recommend against layering (piggybacking) contact lenses for health and safety reasons. If you choose to do it, you do so at your own risk, and we will not assume any liability.

What type of solution should I use?

We recommend liberal use of a multi-purpose solution that will clean, disinfect, and rinse all at once. Always use fresh product. That solution you bought for last year’s AX, and you still have it for this year’s AX? Throw it away. The date stamped on the bottle refers to the shelf life of the sealed container. Once opened, it may last only 2 months. Contact solution is designed to be used up and replaced frequently so don't try to conserve it. Pour away and replace the liquid in your contact storage case(s) regularly to keep things from stagnating. Stagnant fluid is susceptible to bacterial or fungal growth which can cause big problems. Expired, or even "unexpired," solution that has gone foul from sitting too long will harm your eyes. Our contact lenses ship with wear & care instructions to assist you.

How long can I wear the lenses?

Theatrical lenses are made for occasional wear, up to 4 or 5 hours –for parties and special events like conventions and photo shoots. Cosmetic lenses are different and can be worn for up to 8 hours per day. Each type of lens ships with its own instructions.

How long will these lenses last?

Idol and Immortal Eyes will last 1 to 2 years with proper care. Cosmic Eyes are rated for 3 months of daily wearing: either 90 days in a row or 90 days spread over time. Be careful to avoid pinching the lenses when removing them from your eyes. Causing them to fold weakens the material and leads to tearing. Avoid "digging" the lenses out of the vials because it's too easy to damage them with your fingernail that way. Avoid handling your contacts over the sink to prevent losing them down the drain. Rinse with solution before applying to your eye. Keep lenses in solution when not wearing so they don't dry out. Change solution in storage case every month while storing lenses. After one year of wearing, handling, and cleaning, the lens material may begin to wear out and become more likely to tear. They may also begin to cause discomfort when none was felt previously. This is normal for contact lenses approaching the end of their lifespan.

Can I sleep in these lenses?

No. All of our lenses are daily or occasional wear and are not designed for sleeping with them on. Besides, you're asleep, and no one can see your cool contacts with your eyes closed.

Can I share my lenses with someone else?

No!! This increases the chance of eye infection which can permanently damage your vision.

Returns (2 topics)

I received the wrong contacts. Can I return them?

Yes. If you get the wrong color, design, quantity, or corrective strength, please keep the vials sealed and write to us immediately to get instructions.

I don’t like how the contacts look. Can I return them?

Sorry, appearance is completely subjective and not an acceptable basis for return for this type of product. Opened vials cannot be taken back because of sanitary reasons.

This FAQ was last updated on Sept 25, 2010