Gaara Cosplay

Gaara of Naruto

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Category: Manga

Completed: 100%

Cost: $ Can 300??

Hours to Make: 80-100

First worn at: Animethon 11

Inspiration: I liked him at the time.

Favorite Aspect: My contacts. My hair? Though it was too bright. The color I wanted was sold out. The gourd was also sassy, but it broke like 3 times on the way to edmonton, so I had to re-do it...Then it broke apart completely so I just made a new one.

Least Favorite Aspect: The fact that my sashes weren't leather. I couldn't find any. How my gourd kept breaking because of the air and heat... Wearing the Gourd on my back...and also how the sashes kept re-arranging themselves.. AND THE GOD DAMN SANDALS.

Easiest Task: Buying contacts. hahaha. But... making-wise? probably... the pants... I just had to hem them. Or... Shaving my eyebrows off.

Hardest Task: Ugh, lots of things. I hate getting into the costume. The sashes and stuff are alright, but I hate drawing on makeup, putting in contacts, spiking my hair, putting the gourd on my back, etc. Whenever I get into costume I'm always like, "I HATE THIS COSTUME."... But I suppose it's worth it?