Frequently Asked Questions
last updated - December 25, 2003

General Errors
Q - I'm trying to do [something], but I keep getting an error. What's up?
A - Make sure you've entered all the information properly. Sometimes if you try to enter too much data, the system may reject it with little or no error message. If all else fails, click here and explain the error in as much detail as possible.

Q - I've forgotten my password. Please help.
A - Use the password recovery page.

Q - Why can't I login?
A - Make sure your user name and password are correct with no extra spaces.

Q - I entered everything correctly, but still can't login. Why?
A - Your browser security settings may need to be adjusted. Cosplay Lab requires cookies and subsequently you can't login without enabling them. If you recently updated your browser or anti-virus software, that can modify your security settings without your knowledge.

Q - I've checked everything and was able to login before, but I'm still experiencing trouble. Now what?
A - A handful of members have reported not being able to login, but after waiting a day or two, everything seems to be fine. We haven't been able to determine the cause of the problem, but we suspect it may have to do with dial-up service providers. If you can help identify the trouble, let us know.

Q - I wanted to create a profile for [someone's name here], but the system says my email address is already in use. What's going on?
A - To reduce the number of bogus accounts that are created here, there must be a unique email address used. This also simplifies the password recovery process. You may register other members only with their permission and using their email account.

Q - I'm having trouble uploading an image for my costume. Why?
A - If the image meets the maximum size requirements and is a GIF or JPG file, it could be corrupt or have weird characters in its name. Try copying the file to a blank document and resaving it with a new name from your image editing program. You may also have broswer extensions installed that are interfereing with the uploading process. Because the image server is separate from the main Lab server, there may be times when it becomes unavailable due to maintenance. If the issue is not resolved within a couple of hours, please let us know.

Q - What are the file requirements for uploaded images?
A - Costume images can be JPG or GIF images and must be no larger than 600 pixels wide by 450 pixels tall and be 80KB or less.

Q - I keep trying to replace a image of my costume, but it keeps showing the old one. Why?
A - Your browser probably doesn't realize that the file has been updated. Try holding the shift key down while clicking refresh on the costume display page.

Q - Why can't I leave a reference image for a costume I have listed as 100% complete?
A - You costume isn't considered 100% complete until you have a completed photo. The majority of members here agree that they'd rather see a completed costume photo rather than a sketch or reference image, so please uphold this rule and only change the costume status to 100% when you have a matching photo posted for your costume.

Q - I noticed some of my planned costumes can't be seen by everyone. What's up with that?
A - In order to conserve bandwidth and encourage continued progress on your planned outfits, only costumes you've updated within the last 30 days will display to the public.

Q - I don't have a digital camera or scanner, so how can I get a photo to post?
A - When you get your photos developed, ask for them on CD or ask a friend to take pictures of you with their digital camera. If you've attended an anime convention in costume, chances are someone got your photo. Do a search on Google for the convention name and chances are you'll find yourself.

Q - I found a costume that clearly violates the rules. Other than sending its owner a nasty message, what are my options?
A - Send us feedback and be sure to include the link to the costume in question along with the reason it needs to be reviewed.

Q - I just joined and added some costumes, but I don't show up on the search results page. How come?
A - Only members with profile icons will display on the search results page and the cosplayer directory. Provided you uploaded at least one 100% complete costume photo that meets the costume posting guidelines, your icon should be made within 24 hours.

Q - How do I get one of those profile icons?
A - Icons are made from costume photos which are at least 95% complete. Icons will not be made from poor quality images or reference pictures. New icons are posted regularly and you'll know your icon has become available once you receive a personal welcome email from us.

Q - I don't like the icon you made. How can I get it changed?
A - Tell us which costume photo to use.

Q - I want to change my password, or my email address or city has changed, how can I update it?
A - Send feedback with the changes.

Q - I was browsing the Lab looking for my profile, but I can't find it. Why did you delete it?
A - We only delete profiles by your request, and it's likely your profile isn't displaying because you haven't logged in within the past 30 days. This helps reduce bandwidth by only displaying the most active members. Upgraded members who've added cosplayers to their favorites list will still be able to see favorites who haven't logged in within the past 30 days.

Q - I was prompted to renew my membership, but I haven't received the email confirmation in the last 2 days. What's up?
A - Your email address might be wrong, but you can correct that on the renewal screen. If you've triple-checked it and you're still not getting the confirmation, make sure you're not blocking messages from the Lab or that the message isn't sitting in your bulk email folder. If you're not getting email from us, then chances are, you aren't getting it from other Lab members who are contacting you thru our site. Consider using a different email account.

Q - I'd like to suggest an event be listed on the events page. What info do you require?
A - Only events that have posted details regarding their costume contest will be considered. Therefore, it is important that you include the link to their costume contest web page. Including pricing information helps also, but we must have a date and website to refer to. Only family-friendly, and events that do not have a minimum age requirement will be listed.

Q - My club is hosting a cosplay get together, can you list it on the events page?
A - Provided you have a webpage with all the required info, we'd be happy to promote your event.