Evil Diamond Princess

Evil Diamond Princess of Rainbow Bright and the star stealer



Completed: 100%

Cost: $ US 100

Hours to Make: 6

First worn at: Toemcon 2002

Inspiration: She was one of my favorite characters growing up. The movie came out in 1985. She is a snotty bitch who loves material things! YAY!! Her famous line is "get off the chair" (talking to her pet diamond) lol When I heard about Toemcon (80's and anime con) I desided to show my 80's spirit by cosplaying her. The 80's are my favorite decade! ^_^

Favorite Aspect: I love mostly everything about this costume!!! I have prism crystal earings that I made out of the ones u hang in the car. I love the black pleather/vinal suit! =^.^=

Hardest Task: To get my hair to frizz up. I had to gell my hair and crimp it, then hang upside down off the couch and have scott hair dry it for me. Problem is my hair is so straight that it only lasts for a couple of hours >_<



costume contest at Toemcon