Cosplay Lab - Rikku (For Sabee)

Rikku (For Sabee) of Final Fantasy X
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Completed: 100%

Cost: $ US 25

Hours to Make: 4-5

First worn at: Sakura Con 2003

Inspiration: Again, the whole group thing. Actually, Sabee's brother told her she would make a good Rikku ^_^

Favorite Aspect: She looks like Rikku! And it was simple. ^_^;; Btw, the socks I love them!

Least Favorite Aspect: Doing her hair...usually turns out retarded. :B My fault!

Easiest Task: DUH! The shirt and shorts! :B

Hardest Task: Uhh...actually, I think it was the armguard because I had to pin it and then take it off of Sabee! O_O

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