Completed Costumes

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Babbit from Kodomo no Omocha

Bloodberry from Sabre Marionette J

Bulleta/ B B Hood from Darkstalkers/ Vampire Savior

Buttercup from The Princess Bride

Chacha from Akazukin Chacha

Dominique the Cyclops from Trigun

Dread Pirate Roberts from The Princess Bride

Female Thief from international Ragnarok Online

GoGo from Final Fantasy VI

Izawa from Ping Pong Club

Izumi from Fullmetal Alchemist

Kuramori from Haibane Renmei

Kurei/ Cray from Flame of Recca

Machi from Lareine

Magenta from The Rocky Horror Picture Show

Mana from Malice Mizer

Millenia from Grandia II

Mokona Appapa from CLAMP

Noble from Pleur

Original EGA from Elegant Gothic Lolita style

Rabi~en~Rose from DiGiCharat

Sarasa from Legend of Basara

Tsunade from Naruto

Yu~ki (Le Ciel PV) from Malice Mizer