Claus Valca (Sylvana Flightsuit) Cosplay

Claus Valca (Sylvana Flightsuit) of Last Exile


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Claus Valca (Sylvana Flightsuit) Cosplay

Category: Anime

Completed: 100%

Cost: $ UStoomuch

Hours to Make: 150-200

First worn at: Anime Expo 2005

Inspiration: If it wasn't obvious by my other two Last Exile costumes, I'm a big fan of Last Exile & really like the character designs. I'd like to do Tatiana - particularly her flightsuit for the challenge of it. But, I'm a guy, so I figured I'd do the next best thing: Claus's Silvana flightsuit. It's essentially the same design, but with a different pattern for the piping, and a different color.

Photo Credit: Photos by Talavera

Misc Credit: Collar knitt by Sherrie. Misc. measurement/alightment help from Sherrie, Bryce, and Reid.

Favorite Aspect: So complicated, thus lot of new stuff to learn about & try out, like playing around w/ rubber & plastic & such. And having Murata ask for my picture at his panel, and comment about how it's "Suteki" and "kakkouii" ("cool") and some other stuff I didn't understand.

Least Favorite Aspect: Soooooo complicated... It seems I got in a bit over my head, and so I wasn't able to make it quite as well as I had hoped. And it's kinda form fitting..

Easiest Task: Sylvana wings logo for back, and crest for the front - just reused the mold for the pins I made for my Alex Row costume. And the wig was bought.

Hardest Task: Everything else.



Third Place Journeyman (Friday Hall Cosplay Contest) at Otakon 2005
Best of Weekend (Hall Cosplay) at AnimeUSA 2005

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