B.T. of .hack//SIGN
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Category: Anime

Completed: 100%

Cost: $ US 25

Hours to Make: 5-10

First worn at: Sakura Con 04

Inspiration: I love BT! She's sassy, smart, and cool, but she has secrets too! :P (I swear her and Bear...ahem o_O) Lose the lettuce! XD Update 1/29/04: This costume is done, I just need to get a pic. ^_^

Favorite Aspect: Everything so far, I can't wait until I get my staff done! YAY! I really like the earrings because they're dangly!

Least Favorite Aspect: The boots because of pain factor. Other than that, the sash that hangs from the belt.

Easiest Task: The earrings, though I had problems putting the main earring part into the clay, and the bead on the front part and boots.

Hardest Task: (Lettuce, boo.) Actually, getting around to finding time to work on it. School and work have cosumed my life! >_< Oh yeah, and figuring out how to do the stupid sash...ugh.